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Change the Paradigm

      "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has". -- Margaret Mead

        Our world is evolving and changing rapidly. The end result will be something very positive, but there is a lot of cleanup that is required to get there. Part of this change is a shift in the energy that flows through everything. Are you prepared to live in a new, very different Paradigm where individuals play life in a win-win way rather than a win-lose way? A Paradigm where individuals are respected, encouraged and facilitated to reach their highest potential rather than exploited, used, abused and discarded? Is this kind of change something that you want?

        This course is not about protest or politics. Rather, it is about empowering ourselves by discarding our own illusions and limitations, re-connecting to the Source and enhancing our energetic relationship to ourselves and our world.

        There are two basic paradigms of reality. One recognizes the connectedness of all life both with all components of itself and also with a higher mind, energy and intelligence. The other facilitates separateness, limitation and exploitation of the many by the few. Both paradigms are running now. Sometimes they are referred to as good and evil, yin and yang, freedom and slavery, etc. Each individual has the internal potential and power to shift their own reality into the freedom and connectedness paradigm. In doing so we influence the collective both passively and actively. At a certain critical mass, a paradigm shift occurs, to everyones benefit.

        The approach taken here is not to change other people's beliefs. It is rather to change our own. The approach is not to change the world by forcing our will upon it. Rather it is to change ourselves and thereby change the world as we are part of the world.

        So, where does this information come from? A number of sources, authors and resources are utilized. All of them are referenced, linked and recognized. There is also a principal author who tied it all together, contributed some original content and created this synthesis. This is not about personality branding, however. This is about getting results both individually and collectively. If you find this information useful and you benefit from this practice ... then it is all about you.

        The purpose of this project is to facilitate the Spiritual evolution of the individual, to awaken the Spirit, to facilitate a paradigm shift and to bring in a new brighter age in which everyone can live life, facilitate relationships and do business in a win-win manner. Organizations, corporations, institutions, religions, etc. all assume a life of their own with intrinsic self interests. Organizations eventually become corrupted because of compromises made for their own self interest and the self interest of their members. Therefore, there is no controlling organization and no hierarchy of controlling personalities affiliated with this work. Each group or individual doing this program is an individual entity. The only connection to each other is the shared ideals, ideas, values and goals.

        The study groups constitute a format and forum where people of like mind can meet and give each other aid and support. Everyone has, to some degree, what some call psychic or paranormal abilities of various expressions. One often finds that these talents and those who demonstrate them are not accepted or understood by friends, colleagues, family and others. Here such talents are considered natural and everyone is encouraged to develop and use them constructively. Here, these talents are regarded as the natural means of communicating with and connecting to the Source or God as expressed in various terms and concepts. They develop, not as a primary objective, but as a consequence of Spiritual practice and discipline.

        There is no dogma or formulistic thinking. There are many who are concerned about the underlying paradigms that our world operates under and the destruction that they cause. This is mechanism of positive paradigm of change that will work. There are many who are concerned about the ethics or correctness in the use of power, expecially psychic power or Spiritual faculties. Here, they are given the tools, information and encouragement needed to develop their own moral compass. There is no code of behavior or set of rigid rules.

        Have you ever dreamed of traveling to an undiscovered monastery hidden deep in a remote mountain range and being taught by wise enlightened masters? Have you wished that you could meet a real native shaman who would share his special talents with you? Have you dreamed that you could find an existing school of ancient wisdom that would teach you the ancient mysteries and train you in developing your Spiritual faculties? There is an inner urge within all of us to seek the enlightenment beyond the veil of illusion and disillusionment.

        Most of the monasteries have been destroyed, but new ones are being built by a new generation. The shamen have nearly disappeared but are being replaced by a new generation. The ancient schools have either disappeared or been corrupted but there is a new generation creating new ones. In our contemporary society, one rarely has an opportunity to withdraw from the world and lead a simple life of meditation and Spiritual study. We live in a world saturated with information, disinformation and distractions. This program is designed to help individuals living in this stressful, distracting world accomplish the life changing results that was previously found in those special places and schools. The challenges are real and so are the rewards.

        Truth is not arbitrary. The ultimate teacher is within, so the loss of external teachers does not preclude learning and enlightenment. Knowledge is not lost because it is recorded beyond the reach of the book burning mongrels. Ancient wisdom is still wise, even when the world has forgotten what it is.

        Anyone is welcome to use this manual or the website to facilitate group or individual study provided that they do not claim ownership or charge a fee for participation or instruction. Each facilitator teaches according to his or her own experience and ability. Individual knowledge, understanding and talents are individual and will vary. Understand that and know that your true teacher is within and that your own individual connection to the Source is what matters. All contributions are positive and everyone counts.

        How much work is involved in taking this course? Think of it as a semester in college. You will get out of it what you put into it. Set aside the necessary time and make the commitment to follow through. At the very least, you won't be sorry that you did.

        You are not alone!


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The future is created in our minds. When we look forward into the future, it is sometimes wise to make some astute assessments and change course.

Science and technology are not good or evil but can be used for both. Who are we? What are we? What are we doing here? What are the secrets of life? Central to these questions is our connection to religion and Spirituality. The core is Spiritual faculties, psychic abilities, paranormal abilities, psi. How they are developed, suppressed, used or misused determines what we become; a dumb lump of flesh or a brilliant enlightened being.