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Ghosts Angels and Demons

        "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." -- Shakespeare in Hamlet

        Are ghosts, angels, and demons real? Walk out into your yard or in a park, lie on the ground face down and look at what is moving. There is an entire world of small insects, small animals, and even smaller life forms. Pick up a bit of the soil and place it under a microscope. There is an entire world there that we don't notice, pay attention to, or think about. Why don't we? Our daily concerns keep us occupied somewhere else. The daily concerns of those small life forms don't interact with our physical, mental, or social world. They exist all around us anyway. Imagine what it would be like to be an ant when a bird dropped in for a visit? It would seem like an incomprehensible, mysterious, mystical visitation with horrifying dimensions. Since the reality of being a bird is incomprehensible to an ant, the ant would quickly forget or ignore the experience because there would be no context from which it could relate.

        To us, the invisible worlds around us are pretty much the same sort of thing. That doesn't mean that they don't exist. In fact, they are very populated. Through the evolution of Spiritual Faculties, the invisible becomes visible and the unknown becomes known. Perception of the existence of an expanded reality offers opportunity for observation, communication, and interaction. Perception replaces superstition, myth, and denial.

        So are these invisible denizens good or bad, enlightened or dull, benevolent or sinister? Yes. The principle of the two paradigms applies to the invisible realms as well as it does to our known reality.

        Every indigenous culture has a science of perceiving, a method of relating to and dealing with the invisible. Shamanic practices include the extraction of negative energies and entities that can cause illness, soul retrieval, and depossession of attached entities. All modern cultures have roots in these traditional cultures. In modern societies, however, these beliefs and functions have been denied and dismissed. Nevertheless, these phenomena are real and denying them does not make them cease to exist or go away. It just leaves religion, medicine, psychology, and the common person with a set of blinders that distort their perception of reality.

        Why is this done? When authority figures in a control structure encounter things that they cannot perceive clearly, understand, or control, their authority is threatened. If the unknown is denied or discredited, their authority and control can be maintained. There is also the very real possibility that the unseen world may contain beings whose intrinsic authority exceeds theirs. If their existence can be hidden or denied, their illusion of authority is protected.

        The Huna psychology and healing methods recognize the presence of Spirits and attached entities and correlates their presence with mental and physical health issues. This is not superstition, but science from their perspective. Their science yields methods of healing and treatment that yields favorable results. They can do this because the Kahuna healers are able to see and communicate with these invisible entities. Many times, the attached entity is also someone who needs counseling and healing. Part of the practice is to heal those entities, as well as the one living in physical form.

        A few modern psychologists, therapists, and other health care practitioners have recognized the presence of unseen entities and forces and their impact on the living. Dr. Edith Fiore, author of the book The Unquiet Dead, has introduced "Spirit Releasement Therapy" into the field of practice. Through the work of Dr. Michael Harner, Dr. Alberto Villoldo and others, Shamanic healing practices are becoming more common.

        As a response to growing demand for the service, the Catholic Church has installed a special training program to train priests to perform exorcisms.

        So, what does one find inhabiting the invisible realms? In short, everything imaginable and unimaginable. There are simple energetic beings with minimal intelligence that act as energy parasites. There are intelligent malevolent beings who act as energy parasites. There are intelligent beings who have passed from the plane of the living who may, in some circumstances, attach themselves to living beings. They may, also, exert such influence as to "possess" the bodies of the living. There are also intelligent beings who are benevolent, enlightened, and constructive in their interactions. You have heard the phrase "as above, so below."

        There are several important points to be aware of on this topic:

        One of the issues faced by some individuals is the issue of spirit attachment. While this is common, it is generally not particularly dramatic. Because of our cultural and paradigm blinders it is not generally recognized for what it is. In some cases, it can correlate with confusion and a variety of symptoms and behaviors that are not in an individual's best interest. This phenomenon can cause or be associated with a variety of psychological and medical conditions. While medical conditions need to be recognized and professionally diagnosed and treated, the spirit attachment component is rarely recognized by mainstream practitioners. Read the books by Dr. Edith Fiore, Dr. William Baldwin, and Dr. Irene Hickman for examples and case descriptions.

        What happens when we die? According to Edgar Cayce, the death of the physical body results in the death of the conscious mind only. After death the operational consciousness shifts to what we regard as the subconscious mind. Following the three minds model, the subconscious mind is where our memories reside. You have heard the phrase "going to the light." This represents the release of attachments to the material world, a "life review," and a moving forward in Spiritual evolution. Not everyone who dies is ready or able to release their attachment to the physical world. Instead they may remain in the vicinity of their former life, a home, a place of emotional attachment, or familiar people. Sometimes they are confused and may not realize that they are dead. Sometimes they may attach themselves to the living because they feel lost. They seek to use the living as a vehicle for their own expression or because they can draw energy from the living. Sometimes they may influence the behavior of the living in destructive ways, such as contributing addictions and desires that the host individual would not have on their own.

        Psychopomps, literally meaning the "guide of souls," are creatures, spirits, angels, deities, shamanic counselors, or equivalent whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls to the afterlife. Their role is not to judge the deceased, but simply to escort or guide them to where they need to be. Most, if not all, ancient and traditional cultures have practitioners who serve in these roles. Some modern psychologists and shamanic practitioners practice "compassionate depossession" where they assist an attached entity to move on in a constructive manner, thereby allowing both parties to heal. This is a very different picture than what one sees as "possessions" and "exorcisms" in the movies. Those movies do not represent reality.

What are the Symptoms of Spirit Attachment?

        What are the symptoms of spirit attachment? Some of the symptoms may include:

        Of course, these symptoms may have other explanations as well.

What Causes Spirit Attachment?

        What causes spirit attachment? In order for entities to attach to a human, that person must be vulnerable in some way. Vulnerability can be created by:

        In addition, some practices such as channeling, mediumship, ouija boards, dowsing, automatic writing, and even some types of meditation can invite attachment. Entities who had a drinking problem often hang around bars and attach themselves to those who also like to drink. (Looking for a new drinking buddy?) Those who had an eating problem when living may be inclined to attach themselves to someone who likes to eat a lot. The stronger the addiction, the more likely one is to attract an addicted attaching entity.

        Some attached entities may be attached out of curiosity, need, or attraction. They may not have any malevolent intent at all and may not understand that the attachment is unhealthy for both parties. Others may be motivated by strong desires or addictions and may be more aggressive in their attachment and influence over the host. Still others may intentionally sabotage and undermine the mental and physical health of the host to keep them in a weakened and vulnerable state so they can be used as easy prey.

How do You Protect Yourself?

        For a starting point, read the section on Psychic Self Defense. In general, people who possess self confidence are less vulnerable. People who hold an ethic of self protection and self defense are less vulnerable. People who are willing to fight are less vulnerable. People who do not give in to defeat when injured, challenged, or disadvantaged are less vulnerable. People who cultivate and maintain a strong will are less vulnerable. People who possess clarity of purpose are less vulnerable. People who know themselves are less vulnerable. Most important, people who maintain a connection to the Divine, the Source, or God are vastly less vulnerable. If they hold that connection as absolute and unshakable, they are invincible. In short, true Spiritual Warriors range between far less vulnerable and invincible.


        Angels are messengers of God in the Hebrew Bible, the Christian Bible and the Quran. The term "angel", in general, is regarded as a "Spiritual Being" in these and many other religions and traditions. In some cases, angels are regarded as beings who protect and guide human beings.

"With the bringing into creation the manifested forms, there came that which has been, is, and ever will be, the spirit realm and its attributes - designated as angels and archangels. They are the spiritual manifestations in the spirit world of those attributes that the developing forces accredit to the One Source, that may be seen in material planes through the influences that may aid in development of the mental and spiritual forces through an experience - or in the acquiring of knowledge that may aid in the intercourse one with another." - Edgar Cayce - Reading 5749-3

        Angels, then, are regarded as positive, benevolent and helpful Spiritual Beings. Angelology is the study of the various angels identified in Biblical and other religious texts, their names and hierarchy. From a practical perspective, the study, worship, or invocation of specific angels seems to be a distraction. If one is dedicated to cultivating a direct connection to the One Source, any appropriate connection with advanced Spiritual Beings will occur at the appropriate time.


        In Ancient Near Eastern religions as well as in Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, a demon is considered an "unclean spirit" which may cause demonic possession. Demonology is the study of the various demons identified in Biblical and other religious and occult texts, their names and hierarchy. In contemporary Christianity, demons are generally considered to be angels who fell from grace by rebelling against God. Some schools of thought in Christianity, Judaism and other ancient religions and mythologies teach that demons, or evil spirits, are a result of the sexual relationships between fallen angels and human women. When these hybrids (Nephilim) died, they left behind disembodied spirits that "roam the earth in search of rest" (Luke 11:24). In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus casts out many demons, or evil spirits, from those who are afflicted with various ailments.

        "To be sure, there are those consciousnesses or awarenesses that have not participated in nor been a part of earth's PHYSICAL consciousness; as the angels, the archangels, the masters to whom there has been attainment, and to those influences that have prepared the way. Remember, as given, the earth is that speck, that part of creation where souls projected themselves into matter, and thus brought that conscious awareness of themselves entertaining the ability of creating without those forces of the spirit of truth. Hence that which has been indicated - that serpent, that satan, that power manifested by entities that, created as the cooperative influence, through will separated themselves. As this came about, it was necessary for their own awareness in the SPHERES of activity. Thus realms of systems came into being; as vast as the power of thought in attempting to understand infinity, or to comprehend that there is no space or time. Yet time AND space, in patience, you may comprehend." - Edgar Cayce - from Reading 5755-2

        "(Q) In relation to the Oneness of all force, explain the popular concept of the Devil, seemingly substantiated in the Bible by many passages of scripture.

        (A) In the beginning, celestial beings. We have first the Son, then the other sons or celestial beings that are given their force and power. Hence that force which rebelled in the unseen forces (or in spirit) that came into activity, was that influence which has been called Satan, the Devil, the Serpent; they are One. That of REBELLION! Hence, when man in any activity rebels against the influences of good he harkens to the influence of evil rather than the influence of good. Hence, will is given to man as he comes into this manifested form that we see in material forces, for the choice. As given, "There is set before thee (man) good and evil." Evil is rebellion. Good is the Son of Life, of Light, of Truth; and the Son of Light, of Life, of Truth, came into physical being to demonstrate and show and lead the way for man's ascent to the power of good over evil in a material world. As there is, then, a personal savior, there is the personal devil." - Edgar Cayce - from Reading 262-52

        The summary, then, is that powerful non-physical beings exist and that they are of two characters, beneficial and harmful. The summary, then, is that all of these beings fall within the description of the two paradigms that was previously presented.


        Stop watching movies that depict spirit possession, exorcisms, supernatural powers, etc. Fiction is an inoculation against the truth. If you are pursuing this course, you are on the verge of discovering truths that are far more interesting, positive, constructive, mind blowing, empowering, uplifting and satisfying than any fiction that you can find.

        Read Dr. Edith Fiore's book The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession.

        If you are intent on pursuing this topic further at this time, read Dr. William Baldwin's book, Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual.

        The Path is a kindle publication that accompanies and complements the content of this website.



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