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changing the paradigm

Two Paradigms

      "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction. " -- Albert Einstein

      Do you keep up with world news? Have you seen any examples of the strong victimizing the weak, the poor being exploited by the rich and powerful, or truth being twisted into lies? If you haven't, then ... where have you been? Then there is the good news: inspiring acts of kindness, generosity, and constructive cooperation. It is always a mixed bag isn't it? There is a mixture of uplifting evolving motion and self-serving greed and corruption.

      There are two master paradigms that characterize everything that is good and bad or good and evil, in humanity, on Earth and in the Universe.

      The two paradigms originated at creation, the beginning of everything that we can perceive in the known universe. The first paradigm begins with the creation itself. The second paradigm results from the separation of Spirit from the energy and intelligence of that creation. This is referred to as the Source (or Collective Consciousness or God or the Divine). This separation, or immersion of Spirit into matter, is sometimes referred to as the "fall of man" in Christian and other religious beliefs.

      This separation formed two groups of entities, each functioning in accord with very different paradigms. Those who remained connected to the collective oneness or the Source formed one group. This group is able to function and exist in what we will call the "freedom paradigm." Those that separated themselves from the Source became the second group. The second group functions in the "control paradigm."

      These two groups differ in the way they understand reality and how they access knowledge and energy. The fully awake and connected members of the freedom paradigm group have access to the collective knowledge of our knowable universe, are unrestricted in their ability to perceive reality, and have access to unlimited energy. The members of the control paradigm group, because of their separation from the whole, have limited, restricted and distorted knowledge, limited perception, and limited energy. In the control paradigm, knowledge is power and control of knowledge allows some to control others. In the control paradigm, perception is limited and the manipulation of perception allows some to control others. In the control paradigm, energy is limited and the control and exploitation of many by a few allows the few to acquire energy from the many.

      In reality, both paradigms are functional within each of us and in our world. The two paradigms have different models of reality, different motives, and different means of achieving objectives. Within each individual, there is a sense of connectedness with others and with the infinite, and a sense of compassion. This is a connection with the first or freedom paradigm. Within each individual, there is a drive for survival, a desire to indulge in the pleasures of our realm, and a desire for power. This is a connection with the second or control paradigm. One defining difference between the two is selfishness versus compassion.

      It is the irreconcilable differences between the two groups that is the source of fundamental conflict and outright war. The two paradigms are universal. They are not limited to our culture, our world, our species, our planet, or our dimensional reality.

      Within the freedom paradigm every individual is seen as valuable and is supported and encouraged to develop their knowledge, consciousness, and life expression to their fullest potential. Within the freedom paradigm, a collective synergy is generated in which greater prosperity, both Spiritual and material, is readily achieved and accessible to all. The world of the freedom paradigm is a world in which every individual uses his intelligence and creativity to conduct the business of life in a "win-win" manner. The individual who lives to further the freedom and evolution of the human soul respects life, respects the environment, respects other life forms, and respects other individuals. He or she acts as responsible as their knowledge, wisdom, experience, consciousness, and resources enable them to. The general prosperity and wealth of the freedom paradigm world, as a whole, is much higher than the control paradigm world because the majority of people are encouraged to become successful, accomplished, and prosperous. The more knowledge, wealth, and power an individual has, the more capacity he or she has to empower others. The more the collective becomes empowered and enlightened to use their empowerment wisely, the more that society prospers.

      Discouraged and dispirited slaves do not make a society healthy or wealthy. The poorest member of a freedom paradigm society has access to more wealth than the richest member of a control paradigm society.

      Within the control paradigm every individual is seen as property, an asset, or a resource to be exploited, managed, controlled, and otherwise used or disposed of for someone else's benefit or pleasure. The world of the control paradigm is "dog eat dog" and there are only two kinds of dogs - those who eat other dogs and those who get eaten. This means that the world is basically populated by two kinds of people, the users and the used, the winners and the losers, the victims and the tyrants. The rich get rich and stay rich by standing on the backs of poor people. The powerful and successful people of the world get that way and stay that way by stepping on other people, whoever they need to step on, in order to get ahead. The result is starvation, suffering, servitude, and slavery for most, while a few elite individuals have tremendous power and live in opulence and luxury. Does any of this sound familiar?

      Slavery can be in many forms. There are wage slaves, mortgage slaves, old fashioned brutalized human property slaves, the criminalized population, and political and socio-economic prisoners. There is no good political solution to these problems because the problems are in basic human nature. Corruption always gets a foothold regardless of the political system. The answer to this problem can only come from a change that takes place inside every person on Earth - a Paradigm Shift. Any political system is only as good as the compassion and caring that the leaders demonstrate towards those they lead and serve.

      A paradigm shift is a change from one way of thinking to another. A paradigm shift changes the entire world and the way it is perceived. It does not just happen, but rather it is driven by agents of change. Agents of change, in this case, are not solitary superheroes, but rather many individuals making personal choices that lead to greater freedom and prosperity for all rather than wealth for a few at the expense and demise of many. Everyone counts. You have more power within your grasp than you realize.

      In order to facilitate a paradigm shift, one must be that which they value. In order to facilitate a paradigm shift, one must change themselves to be a functional part of the new paradigm that they seek. When a critical mass makes that shift individually, the collective will also shift. Old leaders and power brokers will be replaced with new ones who will facilitate the new paradigm. The new leaders and power brokers will begin taking new positions in harmony with the new paradigm and facilitating the betterment of everyone.

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