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Part I

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Meditation and Kundalini

Mt. Rainier Meditation Retreat

Changing the Paradigm Workshop

      If you have ever wanted to engage in a well organized, professional quality program of personal growth but haven't, here is your chance. If you are already accomplished in meditation techniques, yoga, or other self development practices, you will find harmony plus additional tools and support to enhance your practice.

      This course is about creating the internal changes within ourselves to enable us to participate in facilitating a paradigm shift from the consciousness and reality that we are currently encumbered with to one that works for everyone. This is not about politics or protest. Rather, this is about empowering individuals to re-connect to their Spiritual Source and to clean up and enhance their own energy.

      This workshop and meditation retreat includes instruction, group practice and solitary time for introspection and personal work.

Mt. Rainier Meditation Retreat

This is Sunrise on the Nisqually River at the base of Mt. Rainier. This location was chosen because it affords privacy, solitude and pristine energy. It offers isolated from ordinary distractions and the chaos of our changing times.

One aspect of meditation practice is stilling a restless mind. It helps to place one's self in a place lacking in distractions and well endowed with natural energies.

A Time for Quiet

      Since this is a time for meditation and Spiritual renewal, Silence is observed. In practice this means keeping conversation to a minimum and avoiding creating distractions.

Mt. Rainier Meditation Retreat

This workshop includes a lot of personal quiet time. The river provides a very cleansing energy, closeness to nature, privacy and solitude.

Retreat Facilities

      This location offers private frontage on the Nisqually River, a wooded area and a fully furnished cabin. The cabin has a wood stove, hot showers, toilets, a kitchen with refrigerator, stove, sink and pots and pans, etc. The cabin has a large loft that is equipped with a variety of beds. It can sleep about 20 people. If you do sleep here, please come prepared to respect the quiet, privacy and early retirement of your companions.

Mt. Rainier Meditation Retreat

Tent camping near the water or on an island or sand bar is recommended because the energy effects are profound.

Mt. Rainier Meditation Retreat

The rustic cabin serves as class room, kitchen and optional dormitory.

Mt. Rainier Meditation Retreat

The cabin second floor is equipped with a variety of beds and can sleep about 20 people.

Food Logistics

      Bring your own food. Keep it simple. While there is a kitchen in the cabin, plan your food to require the minimum time and effort regarding preparation and cleanup. The idea is to spend your time in the workshops and in solitude rather than fussing with food and logistics.

Mt. Rainier Meditation Retreat

There is a firepit in front of the cabin. On Saturday night, we will do a community potluck with a campfire cookout.

Bring whatever you want to share and whatever you want to cook over the open fire. Your host will do his traditional dutch oven fried potatoes, onions and garlic and maybe a surprise.

Schedule and Logistics

      Some participants will be new to the "Change the Paradigm" training, others will be somewhere in the middle of the course and some will be graduates of the course who are working on advanced training.

      All first time participants are requested to arrive Friday afternoon, get their stuff unpacked, their camp set up and become oriented. All participants in the Part I segment of the "Change the Paradigm" training are requested to be present for the entire weekend. Those who are graduates of Part I of the program have the flexibility of arriving on Saturday morning and/or spending only part of the weekend in retreat. In all such cases, prior communication and arrangements are necessary.

      On Saturday morning, we get up at sunrise (it is usually still dark). We practice meditation and Qi Gong with the rising sun. After the sunrise, we do a breakfast and personal maintenance break.

      Prior attendees then go to their private places and take meditation and personal study time. First time attendeed participate in the "Introduction to Meditation" class.

      After the first workshop is concluded, the participants go to their private places and practice their meditation and other assignments. At this time, a second class / workshop will begin for returning participants.

      Lunch and personal maintenance breaks are left to each individual to take care of on an "as needed" basis.

      The actual number of classes / workshops that will be facilitated will depend on the number needed by participants and the number of individuals available to facilitate them. This will be worked out during registration, so please register early.

      Those participants who have finished the course have the option of coming for a long personal retreat, participating in any or all of the classes, assisting with some of the classes, or faciliting some of the classes. An advanced class for this group will be conducted in the afternoon.

      During the evening campfire cookout, we will have a group discussion where experiences can be shared and needs and questions addressed.

      The same basic format will be repeated on Sunday morning with sunrise meditation and energy work followed by a class session and personal retreat time.

Retreat Dates

      The scheduled retreat dates for the Pacific Northwest are as follows:

Mar 16-18

Apr 20-22

May 18-20

Jun 15-17

Jul 20-22

Aug 17-19

Sep 14-16

      You should plan to arrive on Friday afternoon in time to get your gear and camp site set up before dark, especially if it is your first time.

      Registration is limited so make your reservations early.

Retreat Cost

      Facilitating these retreats does incur costs, and requires significant time and effort. Even so, this is not about making money. Rather, it is the intention to not allow money to be an obstacle to participation.

      The recommended donation for new participants is $100 per weekend or $500 for all 7 weekends paid in advance.

      The recommended donation for returning course graduates is $20 per weekend.

      If you have difficulty meeting these recommendations, please Contact us.

      Please note that another format for doing this course is to hold meetings twice each month using a volunteers home or other free space. There is no charge for this but there is a limited number of qualified facilitators. If you are interested, Contact us.

Where is it?

      This location is on private property near Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington, USA. You will get the details when you register.

What to Bring

      Participants should come equipped with the following:

  • Tent, sleeping system, etc. if you plan to sleep on the river.

  • Blankets, pillow, etc. if you plan to sleep in the cabin.

  • Warm clothing. Assume that it will be colder than you think.

  • Rain gear, just in case. Include a military style poncho. The poncho provides good protection when you are sitting.

  • Food. Keep it simple and light.

  • Flashlight.

  • Comfortable folding chair.

  • A journal.

How to Prepare

      Prior to attending, one should read the background articles on this website, as much of he recommended reading as feasible and the first lesson on meditation.

      It is helpful to also have either a printed version of the manual or an electronic version with reader.


      Pre-registration is required. Contact us.

      Walk-ins and last minute registrations cannot be accomodated.



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