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Art and Science of Prayer

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Meditation and Kundalini


      Some confuse religion and Spirituality. A religion is an organized and structured set of beliefs or dogmas concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe and life in general. A religious organization is a man made organization which indoctrinates, teaches, and regulates ideas, beliefs, and behaviors of the members of the religion. Some religions may be very restrictive and controlling while others may be very tolerant, eclectic, and open.

      All religions were initially founded on an understanding of man's relationship to the Divine. The Divine, however, never created or established any religion.

      It is this author's view that the content of this manual and the understanding that it encourages does not conflict with any religion, at least in the religion's original intent. Others with narrowly defined belief systems may have a different opinion.

      This manual does present a somewhat Gnostic perspective. The development and exploration of Spiritual faculties is encouraged as a means of developing a closer direct connection to the Divine as well as to assist us in meeting our life challenges. A number of religious texts and Spiritual sources are used. These include the Christian bible, the works of Edgar Cayce, and other ancient texts and documents from many religions from all over the world. The emphasis, however, is in facilitating the direct relationship between the individual and the Infinite, or to God.

      The premise of this manual is that every individual has the potential, the power and the opportunity to affect our selves, our world and our reality in a very positive and powerful way. This may seem to be a very audacious idea, considering the apparent obstacles to realizing this.

      It is the objective of this text to convey background information, perspective and specific practice techniques to enable every individual with the desire to do so to accomplish this task.

      This is an introduction and yet presents a working system with which one can, literally, change the world. "The world" in this sense includes both the internal world and the external world.

      The topic of religion is an issue for many. I find that there are basically two classes of individuals with reference to religion. There are those that follow a religion very closely and those that have been exposed to religion but are disillusioned by it and follow nothing. The difficulty with religions is that most of them consist of a "defined belief system" that is inflexible. This then amounts to a "system of defined limitations." Combine this reality with the fact that some of the most honest, honorable, generous and enlightened individuals participate in religions and religious organizations.

      If you are a religious person and are able to think outside the box, the knowledge and experience gained from this study will show you the truth of the core principles upon which all major world religions were originally founded. If you are not a religious person the knowledge and experience gained from this study will enable you to connect to the infinite and understand the universal underlying truths.

      Participants in all religions and philosophies are welcome to participate in this study. All participants are free to maintain any religious affiliation that they choose.

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The future is created in our minds. When we look forward into the future, it is sometimes wise to make some astute assessments and change course.

Science and technology are not good or evil but can be used for both. Who are we? What are we? What are we doing here? What are the secrets of life? Central to these questions is our connection to religion and Spirituality. The core is Spiritual faculties, psychic abilities, paranormal abilities, psi. How they are developed, suppressed, used or misused determines what we become; a dumb lump of flesh or a brilliant enlightened being.