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recapitulating the energy associated with pain

Recovering the Energy Associated with Pain

      Successful energy work is not just a series of techniques, rather it is a personal growth and transformation process. As with all other kinds of Spiritual work, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. The most important element is the Intent and attitude with which the work is approached and performed.

      The purpose of the energy recovery practices is to free energy and release energy attachments that limit us and trap us in limited thinking. The purpose of the energy accumulation techniques is not only to accumulate energy but to connect us to a greater awareness. The greater awareness is the knowing that we are all connected to each other and to all of creation.

      Before beginning each practice, pause, still your mind and embrace these thoughts:

     Through this effort:

  • May my body be healed and renewed, so that it can serve the Spirit within.

  • May my mind be calmed and made free of distraction and complacency, so that I can hear the Spirit within.

  • May my ego be contained within the greater awareness, so that I may be directed by the Spirit within.

  • May my Body, Mind and Soul be energized so that I may better serve the Spirit within

Recapitulating Stagnant Energy Locked up in The Body

      Here are the basic principles of recovering the energy associated with bodily pain:

  • Thought and Emotion are accompanied by energy. Thoughts and feelings that are not expressed or released still contain that energy.

  • In the body there are several modes of expression, two of which are speech and hand language. In addition, any body part can be associated with expression and intent.

  • Unexpressed and unreleased thought, feeling and energy can become stagnant and manifest as bodily dysfunction and pain.

  • Stagnant energy that is associated with unexpressed thoughts and feelings are also associated with chronic muscular tension.

  • Chronic muscular tension causes inflammation at the points where muscle tendons attach to the bone. This inflammation causes pain and tenderness on touch.

      Recovering this stagnant energy can be accomplished by the following exercise:

     (1) Locate the tendon attachment points associated with the muscles that are associated with the blocked energy. These will be the places that are most tender to the touch. The point that hurts the most is the "magic" point.

      (2) The hands are used to express ones feelings and intent. The muscles that control the hands are located in the forearms. These muscles attach to bones around the elbow.

      (3) Visualize a ball of energy at this point and understand that this ball of energy represents the repressed, blocked and stagnant energy from repressed or blocked expression.

      (4) Very slowly take in a deep breath to maximum inhalation. While inhaling, visualize with complete focus, the ball of energy moving to the 4 th. chakra (heart center).

      (5) Hold the breath in for a few seconds and focus intently on moving all of the energy from it's original location to the heart center.

      (6) Hold the energy in the heart center while you begin to slowly exhale. As you exhale, visualize an empty ball, representing the thought form that was associated with the energy, moving away into infinity. As it moves out to infinity, sever the energy thread connecting it to yourself. The thought form is released and you retain the energy.

      Understand that at the fourth chakra, there is no polarity, no good or bad, no judgment. At that level, the energy is free again and can be used for what ever your consciousness is focused on. If the formerly blocked energy was associated with some situation that is now resolved, you can move on. If not, you may re-create the same situation that you just released.

      A successful recapitulation of this energy results in an immediate decrease in pain and tenderness in the associated connection point.




recapitulating the energy associated with pain

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recapitulating the energy associated with pain

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recapitulating the energy associated with pain
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