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Origin of Man

      "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 1:1

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 1:2

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. 1:3 "

-- Book of Genesis - Christian Bible

      This is the story of creation: the beginning of space and time, the "war in Heaven," and the "fall of man" - the short version. In our current understanding of cosmology "creation" is called the "big bang." This is the beginning of space, time, and matter as we are currently capable of comprehending these concepts. This "moment of creation" is where science as we now know it begins. This is also the "beginning" in our various religious texts and indigenous creation stories, although each may describe this beginning in slightly different sounding terms.

      This description is derived from a composite of religious texts, modern cosmology, ancient texts, and personal psychic research. It is, arguably, consistent with the majority of the ancient creation stories and their associated religious texts. The perspective presented here is consistent with the readings of the American psychic Edgar Cayce and other sources.

      This "beginning" was, however, no accident. It was an intentional "creation" by some intelligence or being that is beyond human comprehension. This intelligence is what we call "God", or the "Source" or the "Divine" in a variety of words and concepts.

      With this act of creation, "God" created individual entities, each endowed with sentience and free will. Each "entity" or "Spirit Being" while possessing individuality was also connected to all others through a "collective consciousness."

      As individual "Spirit Beings" became active in participating in the ongoing creation, some of them developed a separation from the collective consciousness or from God. With the separation came a loss of knowledge and awareness from the collective that was progressive and increased over time. It also caused a loss of the connection to the energy and knowledge of the collective.

      The separation resulted in part from simple rebellion as some individuals sought self interest or selfishness and power. It also resulted, for some, in their immersion into manifested matter. Individual Spirit Beings immersed themselves into and attached themselves to the material plane to experience the reality and the sensual pleasures of the various life forms residing there.

      In the beginning all individual Spiritual "energy" beings knew no limitations and their awareness was vast. However, they lacked experience, especially with respect to the manifested material realms of reality. To gain this experience, they immersed themselves into matter in its various manifestations including animals. Some of these entities became attached and entrapped in the animal forms that they inhabited. In this entrapped form, they lost their awareness of their Spiritual nature and existence. Instead of their limitless awareness, they became obsessed with the limitations, concerns, and struggles of their animal counterpart. Unlimited vast awareness was replaced with the constant struggle for survival and obsession with the pleasure and pain of the animal senses. Over time, more advanced human forms were created and evolved. Some of these advanced humans managed to retain their connection to their Spiritual origin and preserved the consciousness of freedom and limitless awareness. Others became enchanted with the sensual pain and pleasure of their material existence and sank into limited thinking.

      An individual who is fully connected with their Spirit commands enormous power. Yet, to have and maintain that connection, that individual has to master their own ego. Not the ego in the sense of individuality, but the ego in the sense of separateness from Spirit and others as well as the elements of Creation. The ego of separateness is concerned with survival and self aggrandizement and seeks control over others and control over the elements of Creation to meet those concerns. The self aware, enlightened, Spirit connected individual is not in lack or possessed by a sense of limitation and, therefore, has more options in perception and choices in action. As a soul migrates further from its awareness of its Spiritual nature, it becomes less aware of its identity and has less "energy" to effect changes in its circumstances. It becomes more desperate in its own survival and weaker and increasingly vulnerable to being used and preyed upon or controlled by its own kind.

      Thus, the beginning of the separation of the individual Spirit from the Source and the entrapment of the Spirit in matter is the moment of origin of the two paradigms. In mystical writings from many ages and cultures, it is referred to as "light and darkness," "good and evil," and other synonymous terms. Those Spirits entrapped in matter fall into approximately three categories. There are those who are unconscious of what they are and their Spiritual connection. There are those who are aware of their Spiritual connection and choose to work diligently to free themselves of their entrapment. Then there are those who are aware of their Spiritual connection and choose to use the knowledge, awareness, and Spiritual faculties that they have to enhance their ego of separateness, their power and control over others, and the material plane.

      In humanity, the connection with the first paradigm is made possible, established, and maintained by focused Intent through Spiritual faculties. It is through Spiritual faculties that man connects to the Divine during meditation. Spiritual faculties include a variety of expressions including, but not limited to, telepathy, ESP, remote viewing, and the intentional creation and shaping of reality. Everyone is endowed with the potential of expressible Spiritual faculties which can be activated by Intent, Practice, and by deconstructing the control paradigm belief systems.

      The extent to which an individual can develop and retain advanced use of these faculties depends upon the extent to which that individual is able to sustain a selfless connection to the Divine.

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