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Introduction to Changing the Paradigm

      "A movement is much more powerful when it promotes what it stands for, rather than fight against what it opposes. " -- Gandhi

      This website contains the content of the "Change the Paradigm" manual. The concept is that anyone anywhere could follow the directions here and engage in a personal Spiritual training.

      The challenge is, of course, motivation. We live in a challenging world. There are many distractions ranging from entertainment addictions to basic survival. An Apache shaman once said, "Man has two enemies; complacency and distraction". We can no longer afford complacency and we must not allow distractions to control our destiny, our lives or our peace of mind.

      This course is built upon knowledge, wisdom and techniques derived from numerous cultures and traditions indigenous to our world. They have been practiced, experimented with, tested, simplified and modified as needed to get the results that we seek. This is an ongoing and evolving project.

      For those who have worked with this course, the time and effort was beneficial and well worth it at the very least and life transforming for some. Put in perspective that many courses or seminars cost a lot of money to attend or participate in. This one free. The reason that it is offered for free (or for a donation to cover costs) is so that money does not become an obstacle to participation. Rather than getting what you pay for, you get out of it what you put into yourself.

      Several formats have been tried. So far, the most effective has been working in a retreat that covers a weekend or longer. The time away from the usual distractions creates a space where dedicated focus and practice is easier. It also creates a space where rest, regeneration and healing is facilitated. Small groups have also proven effective. The schedule of doing two classes a month is the pace that most participants have been comfortable with.

      It is always easier to work in a group. If you have someone next to you who has been there and done the work, their experience and confidence makes self discipline and motivation easier. When you are in a group, you are all going through similar challenges at the same time. This makes it easier to bond and form a support gorup.

      Studying solo is great if you are clear on your goals and are able to be self motivated.

      Using the internet for remote study has been tried, but so far, without much success. The distance, lack of familiarity, lack of personal contact and distraction have proven to be challenging when working remotely. If anyone reading this would like to do a class remotely, feel encouraged to contact us.

      Why should you do this? One should not expect personal power or financial gain. This is about facilitating personal positive change that will also facilitate a positive change in the world around us.

      Many individuals reading this will already have had significant experience with numerous mystical paths. Many may possess knowledge and skills that are advanced relative to the content of this introductory course. While this course is intended to offer a comprhensive approach to practical applied Spirituality for those new to the area, those with considerable experience will also find elements with which they can help themselves.

      If you engage in self study, it is recommended that you start journaling from the very beginning. Two lessons per month is a good pace. They don't have to be done in sequence but some form foundations for later ones. If you are working with a counselor, therapist or other health care provider, show them what you are doing or considering doing and follow their guidance and advice.

        The Path is a kindle publication that accompanies and complements the content of this website.



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