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Energy - The Spiritual Light

      "At some point, the body and mind together become fundamentally aware and convinced that the energy by which the body is pervaded is the same as that which illuminates the world and maintains alive all beings." -- - Joseph Campbell

      All of the ancient, traditional, and indigenous systems of healing, journeying, divination and enlightenment in the world recognize and use the concept of vital energy as a core element of their methods. In India it is called "Prana." In China it is called "Chi." In Japan it is called "Ki." Among Kung bushmen it is called "Boiling Energy." The Kahuna of Hawaii and Polynesia call it "Mana." The list goes on. According to the Shaman, healing does not take place unless there is energy present and one does not remain healthy and live a long life unless he/she has a high reserve of vital energy.

      In contemporary times, Lloyd Hopkins discovered that his students could not develop the skill of "mind sight" when their energy was low. Robert Bruce, teacher and writer on "out of body travel" discovered that his students had to develop their energy before they could accomplish out of body experiences. Many of the martial arts include training in the development of "internal power," Chi, Ki, or Qi as an integral part of their art. Physicist William Tiller was able to construct instruments that measured the energy transmitted by healers.

      What happens to human energy? It is committed to maintain a certain perception of reality intact. That perception is our universe, our lives with our relationships, our "place" in the world around us, the people around us, our jobs, our limitations, and our emotional entanglements. Large amounts of energy are required to maintain our connection with our past, our injuries, our limitations, our fears, and our emotional entanglements. In addition, human energy and awareness is "drained away" by random thought, fantasizing, and the ceaseless internal chatter. Vital energy may also be drained away intentionally or unintentionally by other individuals or non-physical entities (inorganic beings).

      The knowledge of this force and the methods of acquiring and directing it has traditionally been among the most protected secrets of our world both ancient and modern. In recent years, much of this knowledge has been gathered by investigators and placed in the public domain. You can find it in books, videos, high priced and professionally promoted workshops and seminars, and often for free on the Internet. More important, it has always been available and remains available from our internal source for those with the patience to listen to their internal source in deep meditation.

      The source of all energy is the Creation itself. We lost our connection to the infinite source of energy with the separation of our own Spirit from the Creator and our attachment to the manifested material world. Our journey is to return to the state of oneness with the Creator. The closer we get to this accomplishment, the more energy we have available to us. The process of freeing energy is also the process of freeing ourselves from the limitations of our attachment to the material realm and our own limited thought processes.

      Stopping energy loss and improving our energy status is the secret to developing extrasensory perception, Spiritual gifts, and the powers of healing and manifestation. Assessing energy levels in a pragmatic and practical manner is, then, essential to an ongoing effort to develop our potential. It is absolutely essential to test and verify the results of all practices and techniques used in training and practice.

The Chakra System and Kundalini

      The energy connections between the energy bodies and the physical are called Chakras in the Indian or Vedic traditions. They are located in the spine at major branchings of the human nervous system, beginning at the base of the spinal column and moving upward to the top of the skull. A chakra is a center of activity that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy. The word chakra literally translates as wheel or disk and refers to a spinning sphere of bioenergetic activity emanating from the major nerve ganglia branching forward from the spinal column. There are seven of these wheels stacked in a column of energy that spans from the base of the spine to the top of the head. It is the seven major chakras that correlate with basic states of consciousness.

      In certain shamanic traditions, nine chakras or energy centers are recognized. The additional two being beyond connections with the physical body. They represent deeper connections to the infinite.

      The chakras are thought to vitalize the physical body and to be associated with interactions of a physical, emotional, mental and energetic nature. The chakras are also correlated in location and function with the glands of the endocrine system and the nerve plexuses or ganglia of the nervous system.

      Through Edgar Cayce's otherworldly journeys, he learned that the Bible is the symbolic account of the fall and restoration of the human soul to its divine origins. Genesis is the symbolic testimony of humanity's fall from heaven and paradise lost. Revelation is the symbolic testimony of humanity's restoration to heaven and paradise found.

      The Book of Revelation was written by a man named John (possibly John the Apostle) toward the end of his life. John records a vision he experiences, probably while dreaming or meditating. This vision contains a tremendous amount of symbolism; the same kind of symbolism one would see in a dream, a vision of the spirit world. In fact, the Book of Revelation contains the same symbolism found in the symbols in the Prophet Daniel's dream. Biblical dreams are highly symbolic and therefore have a hidden Spiritual meaning rather than a literal interpretation of the symbols.

      During several of Cayce's journeys, he gave a large amount of information specifically for the purpose of discovering the hidden meaning of the book of Revelation. Cayce revealed that humans have three different dimensions of human awareness: the conscious mind (personality), the subconscious mind (soul) and the superconscious mind (spirit). An important goal in everyone's life is to re-connect with our superconscious mind to attain what Cayce called at-one-ment with God.

      Cayce's references to the Christ, the Christ Consciousness and the Mind of Christ are distinct from the life of Jesus. Cayce indicated that Jesus became the Christ - a manifestation of the Christ Consciousness - the perfect union of the human with the divine. It is God's desire for all of humanity to become Christs (or Buddhas if you live in the East). Such a condition will truly bring the Kingdom of God to the Earth. Cayce revealed that the Book of Revelation is the symbolic story of how humanity in general (and a human in particular) attains this manifestation of the divine.

      In his readings, Cayce correlates the chakras or seals with the endocrine glands in the human body. The journey of spiritual purification involves each center, chakra or seal, its challenges, purification and activation. The rising energy that originates at the base of the spine and moves up linking the nerve plexuses and endocrine centers is called the Kundalini.

The Meridian System

      The concepts of chakras and kundalini are found in the Indian or Vedic traditions with correspondences in ancient Egyptian, Judeo Christian and other traditions. In addition there is the meridian system found in China with correspondences in Tibetan, Japanese, Korean and other southeast Asian traditions. There is evidence of knowledge of these traditions going back into the stone age and possibly spread over a much broader area including pre-historic Europe.

      The meridians are channels in which energy flows. They are sometimes referred to as "rivers of light" by healers. The treatment modality of acupuncture was originally developed by healers who could "see" the rivers of light and how the flowing relationships and blockages in the flow were related to health and disease. They created a "model" which explained the relationships between the different channels and energy centers as they saw them. This is now known as the meridians and the law of five elements.

      The energy development and healing systems of tai chi and qi gong are based on the meridian system.

Developing Energy

      Developing a higher state of energy involves two categories of action. One is stopping energy leaks and the other is collecting or connecting to new energy.

      Connecting to new energy is accomplished by the art of "listening" in deep meditation. There are also energy accumulating techniques used in many different traditions. These include pranayama, qigong, soul retrieval, and energy recapitulation among others.


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