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How do You Change the World?

      "..holding positive ideas (as important a step as this is) is not sufficient by itself to change the world. We still need direct communication between individuals, we need to translate our ideas into action, and we need to recognize the freedom of choice of those who choose alternatives different from our own." - Elaine Myers

      Have you looked around and noticed poverty, hardship, injustice, deceit, superficial propaganda, corruption, war, hatred, prejudice, exploitation, environmental destruction, pollution, climate change, stupidity, ignorance, misery, and depression? Of course you have. Want to change it? Of course you do, who wouldn't? Can you? Not directly. Why not? Because the world exists as a composite hologram of many individual consciousnesses with free will and no individual or group of individuals have the right, authority, or power to impose their will on the collective.

      The collective hologram is composed of contributed consciousness from all of its participants whether they are intelligent or stupid, victim or tyrant, the exploiter or the exploited, the enlightened or the clueless. Everyone counts. No one individual can control the hologram. So, is the hologram manipulated? Yes. Those with more knowledge, more information, and more power can influence and sometimes manipulate and manage those with less. Are there conspiracies of individuals working collaboratively for their collective benefit at the expense of the whole? Of course there are, that is how business is frequently done. Is it an even and fair playing field? No, not even close.

      Truth has value. Knowledge has value. Wisdom has value. Power has value. Those who possess these things affect the collective hologram by their mere presence. Those who act on truth, knowledge, and wisdom with power and compassion affect the collective hologram even more.

      For the collective hologram to change, the individuals composing it must change. They have to change themselves; no one can make them change. You can't turn sheeple into Spiritual warriors. They have to get a clue, grow up, take responsibility for themselves, and do the hard work that every Spiritual warrior must do to walk the path. There are no short cuts.

      So, if you want to change the world, you first must dedicate yourself to changing yourself and to facing and overcoming all of the messy shortcomings that you possess. Along the path of doing this, you will meet others struggling with the same issues that you are. Give them a helping hand. Now, you are changing the world, the only way it can be changed.

      The good news is that everytime you have an insight, overcome one of your own limitations or face a persistent fear, you change the collective hologram for the better. It is something similar to the Hundredth Monkey Effect.

      So, how does one manifest a change in the collective when there is a deeply rooted control paradigm in place and those in control are dedicated to maintaining their power at all cost? The control paradigm is heirarchial in nature with complete power and access to information restricted to the very top of the organizational pyramid. Such individuals are driven by greed and selfishness and care nothing for the well being of those whom they depend on for their wealth and power. The institutions that they have created have a consciousness and energy of their own and there are lower ranking minions who would gladly and cheerfully replace them if they were be removed from their position of power. Nothing can really change until the consciousness of the players changes.

      The American Psychic Edgar Cayce said that the battle of Armageddon referenced in the book of Reveleation in the Christian Bible was about a war in heaven rather than of earth. The result of the battle is that those who possess the consciousness of greed, selfishness and the disrespect for life and the value of individual souls will be prevented from reincarnating for 1000 years. This interval will give those who do care an interval of time to build a society that respects and facilitates the evolution of consciousness without interference.

      In the face of political and financial corruption of astronomical proportions and pepper spray, clubs and bullets up close, it might appear that the quiet subtle effects of internal change doesn't look very impressive. Regardless of how you calculate force, power and strategy, the internal shift in consciousness is essential because without it all that will be accomplished is the replacement of one tyrany with another.

      The greatest strength and the greatest weakness of a control paradigm system is its heirarchial structure. With the restriction of information and power to the very top of the structure, everyone else is denied the information and power that is required to challenge or change the structure. It also means that those truly in control are small in number. How does seven thousand (or perhaps seven hundred or even seventy) versus seven billion sound? The real power is in the masses and everyone knows it.

      If the masses were to suddenly and collectively grasp the big picture and the internal power that they possess, the entire system and dominant paradigm would shift instantaneously. This has not happened because the masses are divided and organized into conflicts against themselves. Wars, religious prejudices, distractions, disinformation and the struggle to survive in a manipulated economy make it difficult to find inner peace and see the bigger picture.

      The shift is coming because it is necessary. Internal change is the engine of the shift. It is not surprising that greed motivated individuals with the perception of having a lot to loose are disinclined to accept change gracefully. It is worth remembering that one of the greatest revolutions in histoy was accomplished by the non-violent activism of Mahatma Ghandi.

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