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Andrea's Dream

      This is the prophesy dreamed of repeatedly for the last two years by Andrea. Andrea is a very special and intuitive teenage girl. She said in the conversation that we are recorders and our purpose is to remember what went wrong in this life so we are not doomed to repeat it. She further stated that she feels as if her window of spirituality is closing and she believes this message was the purpose of her life. She has been dreaming about this for two years now. She also said, to feel free to share, so here it is.


      There will be a time, when mankind will come to a peak of corruption. During this time a group of people will come for the innocents of the world. Not as the bible says. It will not be chosen on who has been faithful to Christ.

      The ones taken will be the ones who cannot survive this peak of corruption, but who have the potential for enlightenment. These requirements are strict, and many innocents will not have the strength to walk with the soldiers of Mother Nature.

      When this group sets in motion, they will appear to the innocents with a proposal:

      If they choose to go with them, they may take honorable family, those who have stood with virtue in their life. They will have only one night to make their decision and assemble at the nearest meeting point.

      They can take as much as they can bring with them and nothing more. The following morning they will be swept to the seashore and put on vast ships. They will stay below deck until the reach their destination.

      The reason for this is to keep them from seeing the sky, because the stars are the map of the sea. These leaders expect that not everyone will have the strength to withstand these trials, but they will be allowed to return home to their people and wait for the collapse of society.

      Those who arrive will be given homes in a temporary group housing. Each ship will come with foods from their homelands. There will be one years worth of rations for each person, this doesn't need to be feared.

      The purpose of these rations is to wean our bodies from the unpure, processed fake foods. At the end of this year our bodies will be purified. The leaders believe that forcing this change cold turkey causes irreparable damage to the human body. This must be avoided at the furthest lengths.

      This first year is our trial. We will all be taught the laws of this society and the basic principles of enlightenment. The Society moves and breathes as one, this is what will give them strength.

      They have community meals where everyone gathers in a giant hall to eat together. This helps greatly with those doing their trials, as it gives a public forum for questions. During the trial period new members are restricted to the walls of the city. Breaking this rule is grounds for removal.

      At the end of their trial they are taken to a courthouse before the empress to state if they will stay or return home. Those who return home will never be given a second chance no matter what the reason as this is considered a sign of a weak heart.

      The leaders will tell them all of what they can expect. The first stage of their transcendence is to overcome the pain and guilt of knowing everyone they left behind will face horrible trials of their own, many of which will die in the collapse. Those who stay cannot help those people, they can only prepare for their next stage.


      The Soldiers of Mother Earth are formed from those who truly understand what mankind needs to do to achieve peace. They abide by the wishes of the Earth's true spirit. Mother Earth is her own entity, however she lacks the physical form to help her "children" even though we have done so much to her, so many horrible, painful things, she loves us.

      Our life and essence is precious to her, and she does want us to live. Thus these guardians will come for us, we will go to highly dense, forested islands that are unknown to the world. They will teach us to fight for this new world of peace, and how to maintain it.


      On the first of their year, it is different from ours, they will do this mass collection of innocents. The laws will be harsh on some things. To maliciously assault or kill other members is punishable by death. This is the ultimate crime against The People. It is seen as spitting on the purpose of the society. They exist only to bring in an era of peace and equality.

      To attack your own people is to keep the ignorrance and hate of this world alive. There is a difference between malicious attack and fighting. The laws of this society ammend our own. Racism, rape, murder and crime must no longer be tolerated as a way of life. For society to succeed, these things must be removed.

      The People will have to fight them all for peace to reign on Earth.


      The point when the innocents are removed will landmark the downfall of this world. Just as we have poisoned the Earth, the essence of mankind has been corrupted. The peak of corruption is the rockbottom of mankind. The peak will be very short lived before it caves in like a dying star. This will create a power vacuum. THis will start happening as this worlds goverments collapse. Humans will be left without a guiding force.

      If comparing these events to a teeter totter, once this world crashes to the ground, the new world of peace will rise.

      The groundwork will be hard to lay, but once it is settled "Society" can begin anew and build strength like never before. This new era will come after the worst of the destruction as man will desire the structure of a civilised world and will be open to choosing to do so.

      The end.

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Andrea's Dream




The future is created in our minds. When we look forward into the future, it is sometimes wise to make some astute assessments and change course.

Science and technology are not good or evil but can be used for both. Who are we? What are we? What are we doing here? What are the secrets of life? Central to these questions is our connection to religion and Spirituality. The core is Spiritual faculties, psychic abilities, paranormal abilities, psi. How they are developed, suppressed, used or misused determines what we become; a dumb lump of flesh or a brilliant enlightened being.